Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Piece Shown Off In The Dark!

Manitou Gallery on Canyon Road here in Santa Fe had a show last night featuring new pieces.
They wanted something new from each of their artists.
They decided to hang the show salon style.
That means they kept sheets over everything until the grand unveiling at 5.00pm

The cosmic prankster decided to make their presence felt.
During the afternoon, ominous stormy clouds darkened the skies.

The gallery has a few small high windows and so relies on electrical spot lighting to show off the work.

The show had been hung and covered with the concealing sheets, and so the world waited for the appointed hour.
The sheets were pulled off on the dot of 5.

Unfortunately, as the clouds continued to darken a lightning strike took out power to the whole center of town just before the dot of 5.

No streetlights (there aren't many, anyway).
No traffic lights.
No illuminated shop windows.
And no lit up galleries.

It was like a cave in there!

And squatting in a case, in the darkest corner of the gallery were 7 stones.
Or they might as well have been stones, because that's what they looked like in the dark!

Ah, the irony of the cosmic prankster, eh?
Got to love that sense of humor!

Had the lights been on, show goers would have been treated to a bunch a frogs just like this one, only with a varying range of patinas.

It's about 4" long, which fills my hand quite nicely. A tennis ball is nearly 3 inches across, so if you had something squishy about the size of a tennis ball, and squished it so it went a bit longer and thinner, that would be about right size wise.

All I  need now is a pond to put him by...
I suppose the tub will have to do.
He can sit under one of Meridee's plants.
Basking Frog - Front 3 quarter - Bronze 4" - Steve Worthington

Basking Frog - Rear 3 quarter - Bronze 4" - Steve Worthington

Basking Frog - Back View - Bronze 4" - Steve Worthington

Basking Frog - Front - Bronze 4" - Steve Worthington

Basking Frog - Side - Bronze 4" - Steve Worthington

Basking Frog - with soda for scale - Bronze 4" - Steve Worthington  

Besides that, my artist grid cards on Kickstarter are going great, and have only 7 days to go!

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