Monday, October 31, 2011

Snakes alive (but not for long), it must be Halloween!

Around Halloween last year I jumped out of the car to help a snake off the road.
Turned out to be a rattler, and I had nothing to help it with, and the road was busy, and it was right at the entrance to our local community college.
So in pretty short order it became snake jerky.

It was the first rattler I've seen around here, every other time I've escorted a snake off the road it has been a harmless, non venomous bullsnake, which does do a remarkable rattlesnake impersonation.
Here is a video of a very large bullsnake I found on YouTube. It's demonstrating its hissing vibrato, and head flattening routine...

Yesterday I found my neighbor in the process of using a spade to hack off the head of a pretty small rattler (other neighbors have done the same thing to at least one bullsnake I'm aware of: a case of mistaken identity).

Well, in this instance it was definitely a rattler. So guilty as charged I suppose. Maybe a foot long, with 2 little buttons on its tail.

Even with its head off, it was wriggling all over and its mouth was opening and snapping shut repeatedly.

I reckon if I'd found it I would have got it in a plastic bin and let it go, away from houses somewhere, which is what I did with a baby hognosed snake a while back.

Anyhow, a little unsettling knowing while Meridee's gardening there could be more hiding out amongst the hollyhocks...

Besides that, here's the latest Kickstarter project news... I got double the funding I need to get my Winged Angel Mice up and running (or flying), so THANKS BACKERS!!!

They're still available for pre-order if you'd like to get in touch via email etc, although once they're in galleries it will be retail price only. I'm expecting that to be around Feb sometime.

Have a spooktastic evening!

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