Friday, April 15, 2011

Upside down vision, and making the blind (half blind, anyway) see. Perhaps. And some Pugnacious mice...

It's a fact that if you wear special glasses that turn everything upside down, after a while your brain will flip everything back over again in your head.
It even works on cats, apparently.

This brain's way of making sense of the world has had me wondering:
Every year around the time I go for my eye exam, I wonder if the brain could make someone who lost an eye see normally again?

Here's what I've been wondering might work...

Let's say our test person lost the use of their left eye.
Light that would normally come to it is deflected across their face via a 45 degree angled mirror.
It is then re-deflected into their right eye via a semi-silvered mirror.
So along with the deflected light from the left side, will also come light from the right side, straight through the semi-silvered mirror.
In the above diagram the dice is far out of the top of the frame, and we are looking down on the top of someone's head...

You'd see two images superimposed on top of one another, which would probably give you a headache.

Or would it?

Say after a few days of weirdness and pain, maybe the mighty brain's visual unscrambler could go to work and turn it all good?

After all, it kind of knows what it wants to be seeing (if you lost your eye, not if you'd never had it, I imagine).

I don't know, but every year it gets me wondering.

Is this ludicrous? Might it work? Has it been tried? Can you already buy these at WalMart?

I have no idea.

If anyone thinks it would work or not, I'd be all ears!

Oh, and just to keep it all properly sculpture related, here's some pics of my first full litter of Pugnaciouses, which will be heading off to their new owners who backed them on Kickstarter.

They're like mice, only crossed with both piranhas and meerkats...

Beware roving gangs of Pugnacious mice...
What's that smell?

They can bring down large prey by cunningly chewing through the laces...

Rumpy and Pumpy aren't ready yet, so if your backing activities included them, hang in there, I'll keep you posted...


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