Friday, October 29, 2010

The Mouse Project - Ah, the excitement of opening my box from Lulu...

Nosey, Chubby and Sprightly were as excited as me for a first look inside!


After a great deal of superb work by a whole bunch of terrific people (thanks again so much everyone!), I received my copy from yesterday (it looks GREAT!) and so The Mouse Project is officially launched!

What does that mean?

I have a page devoted to it (see the link next to 'home' at the very top of this blog? Or just click HERE, or vistit which includes:

• A link to the page where you can preview or buy the book

• An image from each artist used in the book, with links to their websites.

• A free to download PDF 'lite' version of the book that also takes you to all the artists' websites.
It's kind of a preview with one image from each artist (plus the clickable links to their websites).
A portfolio of more than 20 of the very best painters you'll find anywhere online.

• A quick YouTube trailer showing a lot more pieces than the PDF (but you can't blink or you'll miss some!)

Profits to benefit animal shelters.

So without any further explanation, just click HERE and check it out!

And here's the YouTube trailer just for good measure!

And many thanks again to Karen Appleton, Chris Beck, Paul Coventry-Brown, Bill Cramer, Jelaine Faunce, R. Garriott, Claudia Hammer, Jeff Hayes, K Henderson, Diane Hoeptner, Martha Kellar, Meridee Mandio, Carol Marine, Michael Naples, James Neil Hollingsworth, Craig Nelson, Jennifer O'Cualain, John Poon, Roseta Santiago, Dreama Tolle Perry and Lynne Windsor for doing such a great job in helping turn an idea into a better looking reality than I even hoped for!

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r garriott said...

Love the shots of the open book with the critters looking on... and a SUPERB video. Can't stop watching it! Incredible job, Steve!

Deborah Paris said...

great job, Steve. Love the trailer! Congrats!

Steve sculpts critters said...


JanSmallPaints said...

That's a terrific video, Steve! And the book looks wonderful!!!

Sketching Girl said...

These are brilliant! I love the personality and how each artist has come up with some great unique ideas for showing them off!

If you ever do another project like this, I would love to take part!

Sketching Girl :)

Sketching Girl said...
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