Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chubby mouse faces terrifying odds...

I stumbled around online into Kurt Vonnegut's 8 rules for writing fiction (they're HERE).
So I thought I'd put them to the test and immediately wrote a very short story starring Chubby mouse.
How do think the rules worked out?

Chubby and the waste disposal.

Chubby couldn't reach the cheese.

Chubby Mouse was made of bronze but more than anything he loved to eat cheese.
Real cheese. Not some kind of metal or wooden cheese, or nasty cheese made of clay.

Two sinks are what separated Chubby from his cheese. The first was filled with water in which he would drop like a stone.
And beyond that was the sink of certain death.
It had the black hole of no return at the bottom.
Anything that went down there would never come back.

Chubby stood close to the edge, wondering if he might be able to swim across the first sink.

But just when he was deciding to give up on the cheese, a giant hand came down and scooped up Chubby.
Chubby seemed to be flying now.
He flew right across the water, as the cheese grew larger in his vision.
Chubby was excited, even though his vision wasn't very good.
What excited Chubby the most was the wonderful pungent odor as it grew stronger in his nostrils.
He was so enraptured by the overpowering smell of his favorite cheese, he didn't notice the black hole of death yawning wide beneath him.

Down he went. Now he was sitting alone in the dark, and could barely make out the large blades pointing up all around him.

He wasn't sure what would happen next, so he sat and waited in the dark.
It didn't smell very nice down here...

Chubby mouse had heard the click of a light switch many times before.
So when he heard it this time, his first thought was of getting a better look around him.

But the only lights came from sparks as the blades leaped into action, tossing Chubby about inside the dark hole.

Chubby was smashed into the sides again and again, thrown from the wall, back into the whirring steel and then back to bounce in to the glittering blur again.

The sound was horrendous.
Eventually the grinding spinning torture stopped.
Dazed, damaged but otherwise OK, Chubby looked around to see the once upright steel blades laying in pieces around him.

His damaged body was still and quiet once again, as the giant hand fumbled around, feeling the broken blades, and eventually hoisting Chubby back out into the light.

Ahh, the intoxicating aroma of cheese filled Chubby's nostrils, and this time he was in luck.

He was set down next to mouse heaven, where he tucked in to let the cheese fill his soul and do its healing work.

Tough little Chubby would go on to see another day.


Oh, here's the little critter that was hiding in the photo at the bottom of my last post...
a baby garter snake of some sort. For some reason I keep bumping into snakes!

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