Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Flintstone house is the coolest house I've ever seen!

Guess what this is...

You're looking at a house, cunningly disguised as part of a rocky outcrop.

Artist and mold maker Fran Nicholson lives in the Flintstone house.
Her friend lived in it before her.

She has an easter bonnet and egg making party each year, which I've been to once before at her old place.
This time Meridee and I were in for even more of a treat!

It's wonderfully spacious inside, and chock full of nooks and crannies, each stuffed to the gills with all sorts of quirky bits and pieces.

Here's a pizza oven/fireplace which has a little devil hanging out inside it!

I loved it! Everywhere you looked there was something interesting, like this bronze bat key hanger...

By the time we arrived people had been busy making bonnets and egg sculptures for a couple of hours.
Here's my favorite egg sculpture. It turned out to be the winner!

People's bonnets were judged by the volume of audience applause as they came down the staircase, one by one.

Bee enthusiast and patinater (patinuer?) extraordinaire Mike Masse showed up, and was eager to show me where a bunch of bees had made a nest behind the foam exterior.
Birds called Flickers, which are a member or relative of the woodpecker family, routinely peck holes in foam, usually on flat roofs, but at this place, in the exterior walls.

I believe the house is constructed normally (with the exception of windows at jaunty angles), and then wire mesh was used to sculpt the outside rock formations, which was sprayed with some kind of foam- I imagine the sort used on flat rooftops.

Here's Fran saying 'cheese' in her bonnet complete with bunny ears, and that's Mike next to her.
It's harder to get Mike to say 'cheese', but pretty easy to catch him saying 'bees' instead.

Thanks Fran, Meridee and I just love your place!

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This is the coolest house I've ever seen. Love everything I see.

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