Monday, January 11, 2010

Sumo toads centerfold (sort of!) and Sprightly mouse in Yosemite!

I get tickled pink every time someone sends me pics of their sculptures in their homes, or other unusual or interesting places!
My friend Mil collected some of my mice a few years ago, right after I made them. He was one of the first handful of people to snatch them up.
Well, he got back from Yosemite with his family recently and sent me these pics!

Thanks Mil!

And, to start the new year off on a nice optimistic note, some neighbors called and dropped by to let me know I was in the Albuquerque Journal's art section!
Or, to be more precise my sumo wrestling toads were.
I'm glad they told me, I had no idea!

Someone's a happy camper.
And thanks Bob and Joe for the alerts and clippings!

I'll add that to my recent articles in Western Art collector (Nov) and Southwest Art (July) and declare that I've had quite a splendid run of good luck this last year!

It's had its ups and downs, but it sure is nice to just remember the ups!

I think my next few posts might focus on an artist friend who had the biggest impact on my early days in the business of drawing for a living, John Watkiss.
Stay tuned, his stuff is spectacularly good...


Deborah Paris said...

Hey- congrats on the article (and I didn't know about the Western Art Collector so congrats on that one too!). Love those toads!

Steve sculpts critters said...

Thanks Deborah!