Saturday, July 11, 2009

What happens to rats in jail? (Well, mice anyway)

My mice are complicated.
They do good work for charity, but they also have a dark side.
Sprightly and Nosey went missing.
It turns out they had been sneaking off to the supermarket at night and eating holes in the cheese.
They got tried and sentenced in a kangaroo mouse court and ended up in jail, all without my knowledge.Here they are adjusting to their temporary new home...Nosey saw the movie 'Flushed away' and wonders what magical worlds may lie beyond...Sprightly is a bit more skeptical.
Here's Sprightly in the prison chapel.
Is he searching for meaning?
Or cracks in the glass?
Or maybe those big yellow squares look like cheese from heaven?
Do mice believe in a big cheese in the sky?Wandering the halls...
When I did finally track them down I had to pay a fine to get them out.
I hope they learned their lesson though...

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