Friday, May 23, 2008

More Mousey 'how it's done'

I suppose if the final bronze is the birth of Nosey mouse, this is more like the conception.
My main man Miles at Anderson Enterprise will be emailing a few more pics of Noseys in progress which I'll be adding to the previous post as they come in (just added de-molding pics), so for now here are a bunch of studies I made from the pet mice I had at the time. I made several pages to familiarize myself with certain key shapes I wanted to accentuate in my finished critters.
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Jo said...

And to think I set mouse traps around here.

Your mice look way too realistic. A couple of them put in just the right places could probably have me standing on chairs.

Have a great weekend

stephanie halmos said...

those mice are amazingly realistic. super interesting. do you show them or are they for sale, etc?

what sparked your interest in doing animals in bronze?

Steve sculpts critters said...

Hi Stephanie.
Thanks for checking out my blog.
I've always found animals interesting (growing up watching David Attenborough's fantastic documentaries might have influenced that).
I moved to Santa Fe nearly 3 yrs ago, and after a year of seeing gallery after gallery full of bronzes I thought I'd like to try it (I made a few critters in ceramic clay in high school years ago).
I wanted to buy a bunch of stuff, but I decided, hey, why not try and make some things myself.
You can see more, and what galleries I'm in etc on my website.
The quickest way to get a quick look at everything cast so far is on the prices page.
Thanks again,